The Dojo4 Playbook

A work in progress...

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Dojo4 is a community masquerading as a business.

Since its inception Dojo4 has provided a place for community to gather, both physically and online. Our offices are open to friends and family for co-working and have often provided the nexus for social happenings (did someone say dance party?). Our ethos of radical transparency that we don’t do business behind closed doors and our commitment of work-life flexibility means that the barriers between our work and the other parts of our lives are permeable. Friends, children and pets are welcome in our office not as a perk but as a mainstay of how we do business. We maintain office rituals that make it possible to accommodate the concentration needed to do our work and the interactions we need to be in connection with each other. This is how we create community.

Community Protocols

Dojo4 is a community-based, global-scale agency that catalyzes positive transformations through crafting exemplary technology & design.

Our mission is to connect rigorous minds with meaningful work, by changing the way business is done and cultivating purposeful projects, relationships and environments.

We operationalize this mission everyday at Dojo4 by: