The Dojo4 Playbook

A work in progress...

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Based on original by Ara Howard @drawohara:

How to estimate a project


Do Not

An Example

Hi Clientperson,

I’ve reviewed your fucking vague Microsoft Word doc full of mutually contradictory requirements docs and see the following:

You will need:

We see the following next steps:

Assuming we can start work next Monday, and no later than two weeks from now, we’d be able to finish the microsite in 2 weeks and have a go/no-go on the awesome-sauce API in that same time frame. assuming our research on the API doesn’t reveal any blockers, we’d finish the integration 6 weeks from now.

Ignoring the book fulfillment you’ll be looking at:

If this sounds good let us know asap and we’ll get this up in where we can continue to make adjustments.

Cheers - I’m sure you’ll rule the world with kitten books.