The Dojo4 Playbook

A work in progress...

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At Dojo4 we strive to understand problems before proposing solutions.

It is rare that we’ll work with a client to build what they came in the door asking for. When someone comes to us with a solution, we always push back in order to more comprehensively understand the problem they are trying to solve. We ask why they might have arrived at a particular solution and dig into what other solutions might exist. Our team works to understand the business problem behind a proposed technical solution and the brand and ethos behind a particular set of visual messaging. (See: Dojo4 Product Articulation)

The Dojo4 policy on ethical marketing and consumer engagement is designed to reflect the operating principles of our business:

In terms of privacy and representation, as outlined in our written client agreements, we ensure that information disseminated by our company is, to the best of our knowledge, both accurate and factual, and only refers to other persons or organizations in our marketing material if the consent of that person or organization has been obtained.