The Dojo4 Playbook

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Whereas being parents or caretakers, having a family, is something that we should be able to celebrate and have pride in at work, we declare this Family-Friendly Workplace Manifesto. Having a family provides joy and challenge. It should not be something that anyone feels the need to hide, justify, explain away or be embarrassed about.

Parents and other caretakers have the right conditions to be some of our most valuable co-workers and employees, because:

Because of this, family-friendly workplaces have the potential to be more profitable, effective and efficient workplaces. A workplace that values families, is a happier, more realistic and more sustainable workplace. It is more likely to retain good employees. It is more likely to generate good will, a resource that can be drawn on when it is needed most.

To engender a family-friendly work place, we declare the following…