The Dojo4 Playbook

A work in progress...

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Daily Status

Please post your status every morning in Slack by beginning your message with “.status”. This is meant to act as a status report / mini-standup so that each person gets a general sense of what everyone else is doing that day and what the basic structure of their schedule is for the day. You’ll get a sense of the content and style by seeing other people’s status messages. It is important that everyone writes in a status message early-ish in the day: it allows us to avoid having to have unnecessary meetings, micromanagement, and allows us to help each other with one another’s work load.


Every contractor and member is given a Dojo4 email address. Please use this address for internal and client correspondence. That said, we endeavor to keep our inboxes as empty as possible by using other, more transparent, tools such as Redmine and Slack.


See Slack. Dojo4 uses Slack to communicate with each other throughout the day. Please be sure to be in Slack during working hours and whenever you are doing Dojo4 work. Please use Slack for dojo4 communications throughout the day. 


See Redmine.


This is the only form of communication we use at Dojo4 that does not support asynchronistic communication. Allowing people to choose when and how they communicate is a benefit of asynchronistic communication, such as chat, email, and ticketing systems, however there is no substitute for face-to-face communication, when that is what is required. If your other forms of communication are not working or seem to be causing confusion, misunderstanding and/or frustration, please drop everything and have a real conversation instead. Often problems are most effectively addressed by simply having a face-to-face conversation. Good rules of thumb for when to talk face-to-face:

If you have a face-to-face conversation about something that is relevant to others at Dojo4, please document the outcome in a ticket.