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Dojo4 Iterative Engagement Agreement

This Engagement Agreement (the “Engagement Agreement”) between __________ (“Client”) and Dojo4, lca (“Dojo4”) sets forth a description of the Services referenced in the Services Agreement dated ________ (the “Services Agreement”) between the parties and by this reference incorporates herein the terms and conditions set forth in the Services Agreement. This Engagement Agreement constitutes an independent, separate and enforceable agreement between the parties. In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions set forth in this Engagement Agreement and those set forth in the Services Agreement, the terms and conditions set forth herein shall govern. Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms used herein shall have the meanings corresponding thereto as set forth in the Services Agreement.


All parties enter this agreement with a spirit of friendly collaboration, an intention to work diligently and move together toward excellent outcomes.


Nature of Engagement Nature of Engagement


The Client engages with Dojo4 for the following general activities/deliverables:


Authorized work product in the form of general technology consulting; technology and interface design and development; mentorship and training; and other similar services requested or required in the course of providing these services to Client.


Schedule of Delivery Schedule of Delivery


Dojo4 shall perform the Services and deliver any deliverables and/or work product related thereto in accordance with the following schedule:



Client acknowledges and understands that the Services will be performed by Dojo4 on a “time and materials” basis and that the foregoing estimates are merely an educated guess on the part of Dojo4. Dojo4 will work in good faith to meet the estimates and schedule, however if a estimate needs to be revised, Dojo4 will seek approval for that revision before moving forward with work. Client acknowledges and understands that it shall be obligated to pay the Fees that accrue hereunder even if the Fees exceed the estimate set forth herein or the Services are not performed strictly in accordance with the estimate for the milestones and timeline set forth herein. Dojo4 makes no representations or warranties regarding of any kind regarding the estimates.


Rate And Terms of Payment Rate And Terms of Payment


  1. Rate. In consideration of Dojo4’s performance of the Services, Client shall pay to Dojo4 professional services fees at the hourly (prorated for partial hours rounded to the nearest quarter hour) rate (the “Fees”) of $175 per hour per person.
  2. Payment schedule, interest. At Dojo4 we use weekly invoices as a quick turn-around of an accounting of hours. Sending an accounting of hours every week, and having that kind of visibility and approval, gives us assurance that we’re heading in a direction that our clients feel good about. As such, Client shall pay to Dojo4 the Fees as follows:

On a weekly basis, Dojo4 shall deliver to Client an invoice reflecting the aggregate Fees accrued at the applicable rate(s) specified in Section 1 above during the preceding calendar week. Client shall pay invoices reflecting Fees accrued at the rate specified in Section 1 above upon receipt, however these terms are flexible to “Net 14 Days” terms. Invoices that are not paid within 14 calendar days will incur a 2.25% finance charge compounding every 14 day overdue period.


In Witness Whereof, the parties have executed this Engagement Letter.