The Dojo4 Playbook

A work in progress...

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Permaculture design is a system of assembling conceptual, material, and strategic components in a pattern which functions to benefit life in all its forms. The philosophy behind permaculture is one of working with, rather than against, nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless action; of looking at systems in all their functions, rather than asking only one yield of them; and allowing systems to demonstrate their own evolutions.

Permaculture permaculture thinking is one of the influences that impact how and why Dojo4 exists. The Dojo4 mission references that influence.

The 12 Principles of Permaculture are generally applied to agricultural endeavors but are useful in any cultivation and production projects, such as software development. How these principles can support generative software production provides ongoing fuel for contemplation:

  1. Observe and interact
  2. Catch and store energy
  3. Obtain a yield
  4. Apply self-regulation and accept feedback
  5. Use and value renewable resources & services
  6. Produce no waste
  7. Design from patterns to details
  8. Integrate rather than segregate
  9. Use small and slow solutions
  10. Use and value diversity
  11. Use edges and value the marginal
  12. Creatively use and respond to change

Pc_Principles_Poster_EN.pdf (Download)