The Dojo4 Playbook

A work in progress...

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For an overview of business operations, please see the Ops Bible.

This is a outline of our basic business tools:


All Dojo4 credentials are kept 1Password. If you do not already have an account, the Operations Manager will help you get one set up. Please ask for the master password to get in. You should be able to find anything you need in 1Password. If you need to change or add any credentials for Dojo4 or project operations, please be sure to record them in there. Again: please be sure to enter ALL new internal AND client credentials into 1Password and make sure that settings allow for anyone else to see that info. This will allow for us all to share the responsibility of making sure that things re running smoothly, not just the few that have specific access when things go down. Use judiciously and share only with other Dojo4 employees. Any misuse of the information in 1Password are grounds for immediate dismissal and eternal self-recrimination.

Logins for all the following services are (or should be) in 1Password.


Redmine is an open-source, flexible project management web application. Written using Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.

We use Redmine for:

We’ve tried a number of different solutions, mostly because Redmine is unsexy and not widely adopted, however we always come back to it. We stick with it because it’s a flexible, free and customizeable open sourced solution. We’ve built custom integrations with some of our other tools, like Freshbooks and Flowdock. For a detailed description and how-to-use, please see the section on Redmine.


Clients are invoiced through Freshbooks. All previous and recurring invoices and associated reports can be found here: Login info in 1Password.

Hours logged in Redmine are pulled into Freshbooks through a integration that we custom built for ourselves. Admin for that integration is here:


Concord is the contracting service that we use for negotiating and signing agreements with members, contractors and clients.

Google Apps - calendar, email, Drive

We use Google apps for the following services:


Dojo4 uses Slack to communicate with each other throughout the day. Please be sure to be in Slack during working hours and whenever you are doing Dojo4 work.

We’ve built various integrations and command bots:


Dojo4 uses a PEO (professional employer organization) called Justworks to manage general HR data and run payroll. As part of your onboarding you will receive emails from Justworks asking you to create your own private login and provide information that will be used for your I9, W4 (or 1099) and direct deposit. These systems will enable us to pay you via direct deposit, as well as give you access to your health insurance and other HR topics.

Dojo4 contractors will be onboarded using our contracting and HR systems: and Justworks. We use these systems for legal, tax and payment purposes. Contractor payments are all processed through Justworks, though you can choose to receive either a check or direct deposit.