The Dojo4 Playbook

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Co-op Member Roles

Dojo4 co-op members are co-owners of Dojo4 and may also be contractors or employees.

Member Responsibilities



Dojo4 contractors are hired to work on Dojo4 client projects according to the terms of the Dojo4 subcontractor agreement. Expectations regarding their responsibilities are listed below

Contractor Privileges and Responsibilities

The Dojo4 community has always been comprised of independent self-starters who hold themselves to a high degree of excellence in their field and stand out as creatives and creative problem solvers. We aim to make Dojo4 a home-away-from-home for our subcontractors and are always open to feedback as to how we can best organize our work flows and environment to facilitate productive relationships throughout our team.

First and foremost, we extend to you an unlimited coffee tab at the inimitable Boxcar, because caffeinated contractors are happy contractors. There are several other benefits described in this handbook Dojo4 extends to our subcontractor community:

In exchange for these benefits and the twice monthly payment for all your Dojo4 work, we ask that you:

Operations Manager

The operations manager is a part-time employee of Dojo4 who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Dojo4, particularly the payroll. 

Project Lead

A Project Lead is chosen for each Dojo4 project and is responsible for the health and success of that project. They are responsible for making decisions that support the well-being of their project, with support from the Technical and Managing Director. They choose who will work on the project and assign tasks accordingly. 

See here for more info on Leading a Project at Dojo4.

Technical Director / CTO

Currently, the Technical Director role is shared by all technical Dojo4 member-owners. Generally, this role is tasked with maintaining the overall cohesion of Dojo4’s technical approach to client work. The technical tooling needed and it’s upkeep and support is the responsibility of the Technical Director, along with decision-making regarding high-level, cross-project technical decisions. The Technical Director acts as an advisor to each project lead.  

CTO job description

Managing Director / CEO

The Managing Director is the head of the Dojo4 organization and responsible for supporting the members and contractors, and promoting leadership of the project leads. All major decisions regarding operations and business development are the duty of the Managing Direction. The financial and social well-being of the organization, as well as visioning for the business is the Managing Director’s function.

CEO job description